Do’s & Don’t of looking after a leather dog collar


Leather dog collars are wonderful pet accessories for your dog. With a little bit of care, your leather dog collar will last for years. With that said, there are a few key things to mention with regards to maintaining your leather collar.

If the collar becomes really wet, do not leave the leather on radiators or heating devices. No matter how wet the leather is. The heat will cause the leather to dry, shrivel and crack. It is far better to leave the collar to dry naturally.

Do’s & Don’t of looking after a leather dog collar

Never leave or store your leather dog collar in a plastic bag, or in a place without much air, especially if it is damp or wet. If you do this, the leather will start to smell.
Keep your leather collars & leashes in a darker area (out of direct sunlight). Make sure that there is a nice amount of airflow to keep away mildew and smells.
If the stitched design on your leather collar gets dirty, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. The threads are deliberately dipped in wax so as to make them easy to clean in this way.


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