Are Leather Collars better than Nylon?


There are all sorts of factors to bear in mind when choosing the right dog collar for your pet. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the main things to consider. The first question you should think about is, are you looking for pure functionality or for a fashionable dog collar?

Are Leather Collars better than Nylon?

Traditionally leather collars are higher quality and more durable over time. However, they do take a bit more looking after in order to keep them in good condition. Leather dog collars are surprisingly hard-wearing if made well and treated with leather conditioner. Leather collars are also often more comfortable for your dog after the leather has been softened with use. As it is a natural material the leather is better for dogs with more sensitive coats.

For owners who don’t mind rotating their collars more often, nylon collars are a good choice. Nylon collars have several advantages, for starters, they are more adjustable than leather dog collars. The buckles are designed to be easily adjusted, whereas with leather collars the sizing needs to be more precise (where the leather has been punched for the tongue of the buckle). Nylon collars are also a good choice for down owners who know that their dog will be in the water a lot. Leather collars are quite good with water, especially if they are treated. However, Nylon collars are synthetic which makes them a bit more durable with extensive water outings. Nylon collars are also normally a bit cheaper than leather collars. Nylon collars also come in a variety of colorful designs, great graphics and patterns can be imprinted into nylon collars making them fun, lively looking collars.

Are Leather Collars better than Nylon?

We are slightly biased as we offer a large selection of beautiful leather dog collars, with colorful tribal designs and good solid leather. We think our leather collars are the best quality and the best-priced leather collar you could get for your dog. However, we also think that having a couple of Nylon collars is not a bad idea. Nylon has some distinct advantages in terms of functionality. If you are going on a muddy walk or a beach walk, we would probably put one of our nylon collars on our dogs, as we know they work well in rougher conditions. However, when we are going out with our dogs into town, or to friends, we love putting our one of our Gaucho leather dog collars. They are so stylish and eye-catching, and the leather makes it feel really classy. Having a couple of different options for your dog is a good idea. After all, we have different options for our clothes, why shouldn’t doggo have a nice wardrobe to choose from.

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