Gaucho Goods was founded in 2016 by two dog loving friends. We first met each other whilst attending university together where we were fortunate to spend a year studying abroad together in Argentina. Whilst living in South America we first encountered the Gauchos (Argentine Cowboys) and their distinctive attire. The craftsmanship and bold colors of their clothing were so unique looking and fun we we had to try and think of a way to bring some of their flair back home.

Cue many sleepless nights, fraught discussions and a host of whacky ideas, before one evening our dog at the time gave us the lightbulb idea.  We were keen to try and do something with the designs we had seen in South America and it suddenly dawned on us that the bright colors would look amazing on our pup’s coat. From the start we wanted to create something that was visually arresting and extremely high quality, but at the same time would not break the bank for our customers. 

We hope you love our colorful array of designs to choose from. One thing we can almost certainly guarantee is that your pup will receive LOTS of very complimentary comments from onlookers if they are rocking a Gaucho collar or leash 🙂

Please reach out to us with any questions, we will be more than happy to help out. And please send us your pictures of your dogs in their Gaucho attire, nothing makes us happier!


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