Paws and Pups Durable 6ft Nylon Dog Leash with neoprene padded handle - Camo

Gaucho Goods
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The perfect heavy duty dog leash for active dog owners. Our leashes come in 3 different width sizes, our skinny leashes are great for small dogs, while our _Ó and 1Ó thick leashes are suitable for medium sized to extra large sized dogs. Our leashes are made out of super strong premium nylon to handle all sizes of dog. Our heavy duty clips have a safety lock to secure to your dogs collar. The clip locks into place, making it secure and safe. This leash is perfect for everyday use, walking, hiking and obedience training. We design and create all of our leashes, our beautiful designs add a nice bit of color and fun to your dogs walking attire. The 6ft leash gives your dog a lot of room to move around in, this can be shortened if you need to keep your dog on a shorter leash. The handles of our leashes are made with soft padded neoprene, making them extra comfortable and easy to use. Our leashes are rugged and durable and built to last, if for any reason there is a problem with your leash simply reach out to us and we can issue a refund or an exchange. We also offer matching collars with all of our leashes.

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